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March 2019 PTCO minutes- 2019-2020 Board Nominations

Sagebrush PTCO Meeting Agenda:

March 28, 2019


Board Members Present: Travis Owens, Carie Eisenberg, Sarah Small, Veronica Van de Sande, Melissa Kitowski


1. Welcome: Call to order Travis

2. Treasurer’s Report Carie

Budget Review, current balance- $14,343

Future expenses- Unpaid grants- $3571, 5th Grade Continuation $500, Teacher Appreciation- $250, Yearbook- $2500 (total- $6821)

Future Revenue- Vendor Rewards- $200, Yearbook Sales- $2000 (underestimated, recalculated to $2000 incoming.

New Grants

King Soopers Update- we are now enrolled in the new program.  Search Sagebrush Elementary PTCO at to register our loyalty card.  Need to send info out on social media and hardcopy

$111 from Amazon.

Extra King Soopers Cards available

Ms. Rajala donation from rock shop

Skate City estimated $300

Original Works $800-$1000

Restaurant Nights

Jersey Mike’s estimate est $150 & Buffalo Wild Wings est $150

5th Grade Continuation Budget - picnic for the kids, ceremony in evening at Laredo, May 23rd, volunteers from other grades for night. Budget increased to $1000, continue to budget $1000 for 2019-2020.

3. President’s Report Travis

Movie Night - popcorn, capri suns for sale. Flyer possibly going out Monday. Security needs to be verified with Mr. Powell.

ByLaws - proposed bylaws passed as all in favor. By laws required to be reviewed every 4 years.  

4.  Fundraising Report Veronica/Melissa

Original Works review - looking to confirm expected date when we will receive product

5. Secretary Report Sarah

PTCO branding supplies

1st Day School Supplies update

6. Progress & Committee Reports/Status

Yearbook Laura/Bree

Next year preorder for a discount at Back to School Night, suggested price $20 and $24.

Teacher Appreciation Week Veronica

Restaurant Nights; April/May Bree

Buffalo Wild Wings May 15th

7.  2019-2020 Board Nominations ALL

Co-Presidents: Sarah Small & Bree Kerr

VP: Melissa Kitowski

Co-Treasurers: Carrie & Marcell Esposito

Co- Secretaries: Shauna Knight & Laura Downs

8. 2019-2020 Committee Planning ALL

Kindergarten Roundup April 18th 4PM, Committee: Sarah, Bree, Laura, Shauna

Back to School Committee, looking to form a committee to support Kindie Playdate, Back to School, and Tissues & Tears

Trunk or Treat - did not get to

Fall Fun Run - did not get to

9. New Business, New Ideas, ALL

Upcoming Events and Announcements

4/5 Movie Night

4/12 Skate City, Beach Bash theme, 120 skaters and teacher with highest attendance will win $100 for their class. Need 2-4 volunteers for the bus

Birthdays; please sign cards

Ms Rajala rock shop, very successful. Next year booked for the week before Winter Break. Not doing Penguin Patch next year. Laura following up with Ms. Rajala the role PTCO will have to assist 4th grade.

April 18th next PTCO Meeting canceled in lieu Decoding PTOs Meeting

May 1st 6PM PTCO Meeting  New meeting date TBD and announced

May meeting 2-3 hours, setting calendar for next year, May 16th 5:30 PM-8:30 location TBD

Meeting Adjourned 8:07PM

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