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February 2019 PTCO meeting minutes

Sagebrush PTCO Meeting Agenda:

February 27, 2019


Next Meeting: March 28th @ 6PM

Board Members Present: Travis Owens, Principal Chris Powell, Carie Eisenberg, Shannon Oetter, Sarah Small, Melissa Kitowski,


1. Welcome: Call to order Travis

2. Principal’s Report Principal Powell

State testing, starting April 8th, 2 weeks long

2019-2020 enrollment projections, in the process of evaluating staffing plan, end of summer student/teacher assignments, unlikely to have tech return, likely offer full day K next year.

By-law change proposals

Removal of Principal as VP

Principal member of the board, but not VP, only votes in case of tie

Removal of Volunteer coordinator and Fundraising chairs, duties filled by committees

Grant process

Board decides on anything $300 or less, greater than $300 presented & discussed at meeting

Grants presented to Principal prior to proposal to Board.

PTCO can fund entrance fees but not credits for teacher training

Discipline contract sent home last week, support for teachers

3.  Budget Review & Treasurer’s Report Carie/Travis

Current funds- $15,941

Outstanding Unpaid Grants-4 grants ($4,612) not paid to date, but approved

$540-Sketch books (Lucas/Strelau)

$400- field day supplies (Strelau)

$720- Skate City 4th grade FT

$2952- Georgetown Train Admissions/Charter Bus- 4th grade FT

3rd grade FT to Skate City has been canceled

Federal Taxes filed on 12/15/18, Aurora Sales Taxes were filed on 1/18/19, Charitable Organization filing was done 2/09/19

Fundraising Income report

Skate City $302 + $100 Ms. Rajala

Dance $1060

Chick fil A $402 store credit

Spirit Wear $126

Expected expenses through 2019-

Approved Grants- $4,612

Yearbook- $2500

Staff Appreciation- $500?

Original Works- $100 printing costs

Movie Night-?

Grants not yet received- none

Grants- no new requests

Marquee cost- school not sure if funding is possible to contribute to marquee costs


Approx $16,000 without installation, considering earmark $5000 going into next year.

Budget/earmarking for 2019-2020

4.  PTCO Organization ALL

2019-2020 Board Member Outlook

Committee structure propose/discuss

Community Events

Trunk or Treat - open

Spirit Nights -Coordinator SHHS football game night - positive reception for this new idea for Fall 2019! - open

Mom’s Night Out -open

Communication with Larger CCSD Community

PIN Rep - Sarah willing

Website Manager - Bree

Social Media Manager - Sarah

Fundraising Positions

School Supplies Kit - Sarah

Fun Run - open

King Soopers Card Coordinator - Carrie

Corporate/local Business Sponsorship Coordinator -

Original Works Art - Melissa

Winter Dance Coordinator -open

Dine Out Nights (chick fil A, Chipotle…) - Bree, Melissa, Sarah

Staff and Teacher Support

Staff Appreciation Chair - open

Room Parent Coordinator -open

Picture Day Volunteers -open

Watch DOGS - New program, Dad, Sagebrush male role models, assist with security, ice removal, classroom assistance, other…-open

Spirit and Hospitality

Kindies Playdate/Tissues and Tears Coordinator - open

Spirit Wear/School Store Coordinator - Sarah

Yearbook Coordinator - Laura Downs

April/May Meeting Schedule- did not get to

5. Progress Reports/Debrief

Website/Phone number/Stationary/Signs Travis/Bree

Website approved

Yearbook Sarina

150, $20,baby dedications due April 1st.

Yearbook signing party Thursday

Submit photos by March 25th deadline

Bree and Laura joining Sarina to help with sales and marketing

School Supplies Kits 2019-2020 Sarah

Approved, $10 kit increase for fundraising

Skate City Night Sarah/All

Beach Bash Dance All

6. New Business, Upcoming Events and Announcements ALL

3/4 Chipotle Spirit Night 5-9PM

3/5 Teacher Dinner, Italian style,

3/7 Teacher late morning/lunch meal, using Chick fil A credit to provide catered meal

3/28 PTCO Meeting 6PM General, 5:30 Board only

3/29 Spirit Day - Laura following up with Student Council to see what they are doing

4/5 Movie Night, details TBD

4/12 Skate City 3:30-5:30, bus available again, not sure theme

Birthdays; please sign cards

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